In August, McGee Brothers Company in Greensboro hosted the Southeast Concrete Masonry Association (SCMA) for specialized training. SCMA President James Cain says, “We had a huge turnout for the 2019 SCMA Block Sales 101 training for inside sales, outside sales, yard supervisors, dispatchers, and company leadership. This is the first in a series of three classes to increase the education and overall sales skill set of our members. (We had) had fifty attendees from all five SCMA states from eleven total producer and associate member companies including cement shippers and aggregate suppliers.” Cain extended appreciation to the SCMA North Carolina Education Committee and to speakers Ron Dodd of Boxley Materials and NCMCA’s Ryan Shaver, and “to McGee Brothers for making this event a smashing success!” In the picture, Ryan Shaver prepares to provide hands-on block-laying experience for attendees. Photograph by James Cain.